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Growberry's innovative hardware technology makes it possible for your business to reach its potential faster, safer and with a  higher return on investment. Open the doors of your business to the future and let us prove to you that with Growberry, you can see a scale of growth like never before.

The Growberry ReaDy research laboratory services provide the perfect equipment and environment for plant research. Experiments can be easily conducted in the automated system, where every data is cloud-based and every aspect is controllable.

Research lab

Build your vertical farming factory for higher yields and higher return of investment. We offer a trial period for you to test our technology, and when you realize its limitless possibilities,  we can help you build a plant factory with that technology. For you, for your business.

Plant factory

With our unique hardware, you can not only highlight your green initiative, but offer your employees a new type of passion. How? By letting them experiment with plant-life and  enjoy the greatest tasting fruits and vegetables they ever tried at the same time.

Employer branding



You have million opportunities with Growberry device and services. The same plants can receive different spectrum lights, nutrients, temperature, etc., thus creating the opportunity to discover the perfect environmental conditions they need, not to mention the cultivation of different plants under the same factors.


Once the device is configured to the chosen specifications, the system becomes not only fully controlled, but automated as well. The congifured settings will be continuously kept as long as a change of setup is not required


Temperature, humidity, lights, PH levels, EC and airflow are all measured in the Growberry modules. With this innovative and fully controlled system, the controller can easily change the above aspects anytime one wishes to choose so.



Growberry devices can be connected easily. The devices can communicate with each other and can be controlled as a group or as seperate growing units as well. This makes production and experimentation a lot less complicated.


Every aspect is fully controlled in a Growberry device. And the controller is the boss. Experimentation and production is much faster in this environment. Moreover, the results can be easily processed and modified based on previous readings and findings.




Every data we measure is safely stored and can easily be accessed by authorized personnel in the cloud. The collected data is easy to read, as the platform provides comprehensible graphic outputs next to the data sheets.