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The future of food is present

by Growberry

Imagine a world, where fruits and vegetables can be grown all year long – no matter the season. Where the plant-based components of our diet are freshly harvested and consumed. Where they contain the essential nutrients we need. Where they lack any harmful chemicals. Where fruits are so honey-sweet they leave you with sticky fingers - and veggies are desirable even for the children. Where every bite is a new high.


In this world, arable land is given back to nature so that biodiversity – the

beautiful collection of plants and animals - can flourish again. Every drop of water is used to its full potential. Every beam of light projected is energy-efficient. Food packaging does not exist. Long food miles are shortened to food steps from one house to another – or just from one premise to the other. Machines are designed to last. And solutions are dreamt to be sustainable.


In our world, every plant humanity use grows efficiently, under optimised conditions - so every plant humanity consume can be grown in a Growberry. By doing so, we are eager to contribute to society with an extended mindset from the aspect of the environment.


Nowadays, our society and the economic structure is built on exploiting natural resources without considering that biosphere is a platform for the life of humanity and not only a nice-to-have accessory to it. Since that is so, our mission is to participate in the drastic change of the current status quo by our method. We save our scarcest resources; water and land, while also consciously utilize other valuable resources like materials and energy.


We want to help reshape how people think about the environment, how they choose when facing consumer decisions so that we can live a balanced life in the current ecosystem and ensure future generations will have the same opportunities we have inherited. That is what sustainability is about for us. And we are keen on chipping in with what we have.


By consuming the plants cultivated in the Growberry, people can embrace the experience of fresh, healthy, full-of-nutrient herbs, vegetables and fruits, grown in the most sustainable way possible.