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Vertical farming has a great deal of advantages over field farming. Without the numerous risk-increasing effects, hydroponic systems guarantee higher yields, quality and even better taste - all year long. In a controlled, organic environment, emissions and resource consumption are also drastically decreased to boost sustainability. Growberry presents fully automated smart devices in a modular and connectible way.


Ideal for small and large businesses as well.


Hydroponic system basics.

Growberry is based on hydroponics - a method of growing plants without soil, providing them water-based, nutrient-rich solution. The root system is supported by an inert medium, in our case, rockwool. In the fully automated and controlled system, temperature, humidity, pH, EC and several other growth factors are controlled and managed.
Using special spectrum LED lights, Growberry produces the perfect environment for the plants to grow in the most energy-efficient and sustainable manner.


Vegetables and fruits with high nutrient value can be grown in hydroponics, just like spices, herbs or leafy greens - given that you set up your Growberry properly, of course. Root and other high-in-calorie crops are not the best fit for this technology, though.


Growberry creates an opportunity to manage the growth process as a whole - all the crucial factors are automatically controlled by the system, following the appropriate settings. Thanks to that, spices and microgreens have more intense taste, herbs contain more active agents, vegetables and fruits have richer tastes and higher nutrient content compared to conventional practices. The Growberry can fulfill any needs for any kind of supply.


With our progressive integrated technology, you can achieve your financial goals easier, while creating more value for your clients by reducing risks throughout the whole value chain.

With Growberry, you are going to have a booming business. Pun intended, but no fooling around.
By amplifying its numerous benefits, Growberry helps you become a leader in your market. Whether you are about to research and develop on special plants or want to yield better than your competitors, our technology suits your needs.



In case you would like to diversify your portfolio by cultivating a new type of plant, améliorate your processes by increasing yields and cutting costs or just expand your plantation, Growberry is your dream partner. 

Regarding the lack of knowledge and best practices in vertical farming, you might not have trust in hydroponics so far. That is all right. We totally understand you.

That is why we provide R&D services for scientists and producers to present and prove the advantages of Growberry for you before designing the perfect systems tailored for your operations.



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